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Month of Sundays: Asking

“Thy Kingdom come, thy will be done–on earth, as in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:10.) My mother wasn’t in the best of moods that evening. As I prepared to leave her and my wife in the car and run in the grocery store, she gave me her orders: “I want the greenest bananas in the place!” That …


Month of Sundays: Introduction and Dedication

This coming Sunday I will begin featuring my devotional book, Month of Sundays.  I've already posted the first devotional on happiness; the rest will follow in sequence.  This post is a dedication and the introduction to the book. Dedication This work is associated with several "lasts" and yet another one is the object of this …

Some Thoughts on Happiness

From my Month of Sundays devotional booklet: …as is taught in the glorious Good News of the ever-blessed God, with which I was entrusted. — 1 Timothy 1:11 Blessed…we hear that expression so many times. We tell people to “Be blessed…” and hopefully people tell us that too. (The Wiccans turn that around and greet …

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