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Month of Sundays: Introduction and Dedication

This coming Sunday I will begin featuring my devotional book, Month of Sundays.  I’ve already posted the first devotional on happiness; the rest will follow in sequence.  This post is a dedication and the introduction to the book.


This work is associated with several “lasts” and yet another one is the object of this dedication.

Month of Sundays was my last book to be published by the Department of Laity Ministries of the Church of God, where I worked for 13 1/2 years.  The department was abolished with the 2010 General Assembly.  One of my colleagues there was Philip E. Day, who managed our bookstore and did many things to help get this book out.  Phil was a dedicated Christian who put shoe leather to his walk with Christ in a number of ways, as a faithful husband and father, working while living in Italy and later in Cleveland, TN, with the Church of God Ministry to the Military, and finally in his years at Laity Ministries.  Phil was a hard working, diligent person who was reliable in the extreme.

Phil passed away today from complications following surgery.  Although I’ve been planning serialising Month of Sundays for some time, I am dedicating this to his memory, not only as someone who helped get this into circulation, but also for exemplifying the virtues I feature in the work.


If there’s one thing missing in the lives of Christian men these days, it’s a challenge. They’re expected to go to work, make a living, be a suitable husband to their wife and a father to their children, and on top of that support the church generously with their finances.

While such a life agenda is challenging enough, over time it becomes a routine. And any routine has two dangers. The first is that the routine becomes a formality and, inside, a man yearns for other things. The second is that a man allows that yearning to turn into a family-destroying quest from which there is no return.

A devotional book may seem like an unlikely vehicle for breaking this routine. But ultimately the spark for renewal must come from a man seeking deeper things. Where do I come from? Why am I here? How do I enter into a deeper relationship with God? All men, sooner or later, will take a journey, a voyage. But the voyage will only have a happy ending—for the man and those around him—if God is his helmsman.

These devotionals are designed to start the escape from the routine and set our course with God. Some are life lessons. Others are taken from the Bible and the world around it. Many first saw the light of day on my blog, Positive Infinity. But they are all designed to provoke thought, to provoke prayer, and ultimately to provoke action to further God’s kingdom on this earth.

There are thirty-one of these. My mother used to describe something that took a long time as taking a “month of Sundays.” Hopefully each of these will make reading them a little of the “Lord’s day” each day, preparing you for the long journey to eternal life.

May God richly bless you!

Don C. Warrington


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