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We Are Already Defeated — Stand Firm

No more is it about your personal conscience. Are you not bound in obedience to your bishop? And if you are, how is he ok with you saying any of these things? 28 more words

We Are Already Defeated — Stand Firm

It’s worth recalling that much of the rot in the Episcopal Church that finally exploded in the 1960’s started in its seminaries. Now we’re seeing that same thing all over again as TEC and ACNA “share” seminaries and, ultimately, seminarians.

Anglicanism has been focused (I’ll avoid using the term obsessed) on a well educated clergy since its start. In those days the main threat was William Tyndale’s ploughboy, and as it happened many of the clergy in England were ignorant of such basic things as the Lord’s Prayer and the Decalogue (which is why both have pride of place in traditional BCP’s.) Moving on to North America, the Episcopal Church catered to a wealthier (and better educated) clientele, and a well-educated clergy was necessary to keep up with those in the pews.

But educated in what? It’s not a good idea to inculcate your core people–in this case your clergy–in ideas that negate the raison d’être of your institution. The left understands this completely, which is why they’re not so hot on academic freedom these days.

A system of ministerial formation where the practitioners hand down more of the faith than the simply that which comes from the pure academics would go a long way to rectifying this problem. Another thing that would help would be for an “educated clergy” to be defined by their general educational level and not just that coming out of seminary. After all, we’re supposed to be living the faith that was handed down from the Apostles. So why do we keep outsourcing the job?


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