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Pulling the Plug on Bishop Rick Stika

Even the current Occupant in the Vatican has had enough:

The embattled Bishop Rick Stika will be asked by Vatican officials to resign as Bishop of Knoxville, after more than two years of scandal over the bishop’s leadership of his eastern Tennessee diocese.

According to sources close to the Vatican’s Dicastery for Bishops, Pope Francis decided last month to request Stika’s resignation, after reviewing the results of a Vatican-ordered investigation into the bishop’s management.

This blog has followed this sorry saga in posts such as The Sad Case of Knoxville’s Catholic Bishop, Rick Stika and Bishop Rick Stika Keeps His Priests Down. He has deflected investigation from his own alleged sexual misadventures and those of others. But on a larger scale he built from the resources of a small and relatively impecunious diocese a true white elephant in the form of the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, diverting funds from the COVID-era Paycheck Protection Program to help pay for it.

This pontificate has had few bright spots; hopefully getting Rick Stika out of his bishopric will be one of them.


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