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Liturgy, Pentecost, Wesley and the Book of Common Prayer, Part I: What is a Liturgy?

First in a series of classes on the topic of liturgical worship (corporate) or individual prayer in a Pentecostal context, which in turn comes out of a Wesleyan-Holiness background. This is the first part, discussing the question “What is a Liturgy.” Some of the history of liturgical worship is discussed, along with the basic structure of liturgy itself, the liturgical calendar and various types of liturgy.

This talk was originally given 8 March 2023 at the North Cleveland Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee by Dr. Don C. Warrington. The lecture itself runs a little under an hour followed by an extensive question and answer series, some of which were asked by the Most Rev. Dr. Mark L. Williams, Pastor, and the Rev. Sandra Kay Williams.

The slides shown in the video can be found here.


9 Replies to “Liturgy, Pentecost, Wesley and the Book of Common Prayer, Part I: What is a Liturgy?”

  1. Dr. Warrington – I can only assume by your de-emphasis of the Holy Eucharist that you do not believe in the real presence in it or its powerful efficacy. That is sad. John 6 is clear.


      1. OK- came across different in your video. The Eucharist is the MAIN reason I go to church each week! I need the Body and the Blood.


  2. I think I might be coming off contentious here – I don’t mean to be- just discussing. I have a strong holiness background and went to Lee for a while years ago. I have been ACNA for several years. I find this fascinating to be discussed at NCCOG


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