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Georg Cantor and infinity

On 03 March 1845, the German mathematician Georg Cantor was born in St. Petersburg. In 1862, he entered the Federal Polytechnic Institute in Zurich, eventually becoming a member of the mathematics department. At the death of his father, he left Zurich for Berlin where, in addition to his mathematical interests, he began to study philosophy […]

Georg Cantor and infinity

Georg Cantor is a special interest of mine, not only from a mathematical standpoint but because his discoveries in transfinite mathematics can be used to solve the problem of subordination in God. That was the basis (on a crude level, admittedly) for my 1998 work My Lord and My God: A Layman Looks at the Deity of Christ and the Nature of the Godhead. I refined it in my more recent piece The Challenge from Aquinas That Changed Mathematics. The latter shows the clear connection between theology and mathematics, that the former inspired Cantor to change the latter.


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