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Joe Biden Finds Out the Police are Eternal

It was inevitable:

Biden explained how his plan is based on one specific tenet: giving law enforcement the resources and funds necessary to engage safely in public policing.

He’s found out what his Chinese counterparts could have told him a long time ago: “All police forces get buffeted from time to time, but they know one thing: through revolutions, political-line changes and the fall of governments, the police are eternal.”

But, as I’ve pointed out, stating the obvious to Americans is a good way to get people angry. His progressive wing and others, oblivious to the experiences of their counterparts elsewhere, have put their own moral sensibility above reality, not understanding this:

Given the totalitarian urges out and about in our own society, for us–on the left or the right–to think we’re immune from this, or that we can abolish the police at will, is foolish.  The police exist, among other things, to uphold the existing order, and it’s reasonable to say that, if that existing order were to radically change, whatever replaces it will need the police as much as the one it displaces.


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