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The Trigger Warning for a Criminal Justice Course

Got this in my university email inbox, from a professor in the criminal justice program, it’s the trigger warning he puts in his (maybe her) syllabus:

As with most criminal justice-related courses, the subject matter contained within the class is often shocking and controversial. While I understand that each individual is affected differently by topics discussed, the material is designed to help meet student learning outcomes and prepare students for employment within the field. Thus, topics addressing the realities of police violence, addiction, sexual violence, abuse, and the consequences of engaging in deviant and criminal behaviors is necessary as the field in which you enter is not sterile and anything discussed in this class cannot compare to the realities that you, as a professional, will encounter. Thus, while I am empathetic to any discomfort, the material is necessary. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

When you’re in a tough field, you need to address tough issues.

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