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You Think They’ll Ever Bother to Ask Christian Scientists About How To Approach Science?

This book, for the most part, does the opposite:

The goal of the book is to examine the “reception of the natural sciences among Protestant theologians in the modern era” (1). The editors picked ten influential theologians from various Protestant denominations over the past two centuries in Europe and America to analyze the way they have dealt with science.

To be honest I am getting tired of the monologue that exists on this subject. Doesn’t it occur to anyone that the Christian scientists just might have something to say about the subject? The theologians and seminary academics, for the most part, live in their own bubble on the subject, doubtless afraid that real scientists and engineers would turn a few sacred cows into hamburger for the cosmic cook-out.

For my part, I pursue my science and engineering on sites such as this, letting people know that I am a Christian and really don’t see the contradiction between my relationship with God and the engineering that I pursue.

I think what we have going here is a turf war. If the theologians and our ministers continue to pursue it, they will set back Christianity, and, hard as they try, they won’t be able to blame the scientists and engineers they worked so hard to ignore.

Note: a relative of mine, whose branch of the family has been plagued by the adherents of the First Church of Christ, Scientist, noted the confusion of the term “Christian Scientist” in my title. I had no intention of attaching that meaning to the phrase. I don’t think that the whole concept of the First Church of Christ, Scientist has theological or scientific merit.


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