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Learning Nothing from Beating the Scots-Irish to a Pulp

We’re not prepared to support a sustained war in the Ukraine:

Currently, the West may not have the industrial capacity to fight a large-scale war. If the US government is planning to once again become the arsenal of democracy, then the existing capabilities of the US military-industrial base and the core assumptions that have driven its development need to be re-examined.

This reality is Reason #1 why I’ve never been enthusiastic about our support for the war in the Ukraine: we’re not prepared to support them, let alone ourselves, in a sustained ground war because we’ve let our industrial capabilities go to pot. Virtue signalling and Zelenskiy’s intransigence have inspired our blue-check social media types but they don’t change reality.

Possibly the first country–or an attempt at one–to face disaster with that reality was the Confederate States of America. There are many errors the Confederates made in a military way, but the first one was not having an industrial base (including my old family business) to provision a modern war. It was only a matter of time before the “army of Joshua” beat Old Dixie down. The United States went on to use its industrial might to help win the two World Wars, but the hippie dreamers of the Vietnam War era, now in the ascendant, let things, as I said earlier, go to pot (literally?)

We think that we’re going to win because of our moral superiority, but in reality we’re not ahead of the slovenly Scots-Irish in our ability to make it stick.


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