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Holy Week Wishes, and Some Announcements for This Site

It’s been some time since I’ve had an original post, and posting may be sparse for a while longer. There are some important changes afoot for this site:

  • Two of the features of this site: the Palm Beach Experience and The Island Chronicles–are moving to Chet Aero Marine. The reasoning for this is complicated and is explained in the introduction to that site. They follow the migration of The Bossuet Project a little while back.
  • I am rewriting the central part of those Island Chronicles, will keep you posted (you can see what’s going on better at Chet Aero Marine.)
  • For the first time I will be doing a holy week “devotion” on a site other than this one, namely There are several of these from the past for both Good Friday and Easter; you can use the search box to find them.
  • There will be other changes in this site to insure its long-term continuity.

In the meanwhile I would like to wish everyone a blessed Holy Week and a joyful Easter.


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