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Anglican Tidbit: Bulletin for the Fourth Sunday in Lent

The last in our series of bulletins from Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church is this one, from 1966.

As usual, notes are in order:

  • The Rev. Joseph N. Barnett was an elderly Episcopal minister who assisted at service. One time he observed that “Sitting is the privilege of the young and the old,” and now that I’ve been on both ends, I know it’s true.
  • Healy Willan’s Communion is featured at the 9:00 service. Morning Prayer took place at 11:00. As noted before, Bethesda observed the “once a month Communion” for each of these services.
  • A recital was announced for the following Sunday, given by Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Burns. Bobby Burns was my mother’s divorce lawyer. Bea Burns was a close friend of my mother who ended up “swimming the Tiber” (in her case a return swim.) Bobby passed away in 1987; their son Peter died of AIDS in 1991.
  • The bulletin was saved because it listed the confirmation of my mother and brother into the Episcopal Church. His coming in was in due course; hers was delayed. She had been going to the Episcopal Church for a long time, but I think she was conflicted by her Baptist background from taking the plunge.
  • James L. Duncan, the confirming bishop, became the first Bishop of Southeast Florida in 1969.

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