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The Hippie Dreamers’ “Last Stand” in San Francisco

Well, we can hope so:

After three members of San Francisco’s Board of Education lost a special election in a landslide vote, many of the city’s residents were hesitant to predict the same fate for district attorney Chesa Boudin, who faces a recall referendum in June. Boudin has backers with broad influence and deep pockets—but a new poll suggests even those pockets might not be deep enough. On March 16, EMC Research, a Democratic firm retained by backers of the recall campaign, released the results of a survey conducted in mid-February showing that 74 percent of likely voters have an unfavorable opinion of Boudin, and 68 percent plan on voting him out of office.

Chesa Boudin is the stepson (sort of) of Bill Ayers, probably the most famous sixties’ radical to survive the era. It is still my opinion that the upheavals from the left that torment our culture have their origins with the “hippie dreamers” of the 1960’s, even though the left’s enforcers these days are a) more totalitarian in nature and b) more focused on getting on the government’s gravy train. (It is about funding; keep in mind that one of the battle cries of these people is “Defund the Police,” which begs the question where the money goes after that.) Boudin has done his best to implement the old agenda in what is probably the ideal place to do so: San Francisco, birthplace of so much of the Sixties’ ethos.

But leftists are pretty bourgeois these days, and don’t take kindly to their stuff being stolen, their persons assaulted or their property values depressed. They’ve already booted three San Francisco school board members who focused on renaming schools when they should have concentrated on getting the educational system–students, parents, teachers, you name it–through COVID in one piece. I think there’s a good possibility that Boudin will end up on Ayers’ front doorstep again, even from San Francisco.

The left is a movement of slow learners, but if they can bring themselves to boot Boudin–and they’re in the drivers seat in San Francisco–there may be a glimmer of hope for everyone. Who knows, their next move may be to keep Diablo Canyon open…


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