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Back in the Day, They All Hated Science

Another one of those “inconvenient truths:”

Embracing the science he hated until a year ago means that like a whole lot of partisan people, he only pretends to accept it because the issue is political. Writing in The Daily Beast, Louis Anslow reminds the public that just a few years ago Young released a whole album devoted to undermining the same biotechnology that is saving the world in 2022. He even named it “The Monsanto Years” and it was bought by people who think Science Is A Vast Corporate Conspiracy and still do – unless they can dunk on Republicans about being anti-science. 

The simple fact that the 1960’s revolution (for lack of a better word to describe it) was deeply Luddite and anti-science is a simple fact that those who have survived the era until the present time are working hard to forget. That’s true even when their embrace of the ethos continued until nearly the present, as is the case with Neil Young. That Luddite streak extended to such things as the space program and nuclear power. The latter is really handy now that we need carbon-free power generation, but it’s still an uphill battle to get people to see daylight on this issue. (The Germans, in the face of dependence upon Russian gas and massing military might on the borders of Ukraine, shut down their nuclear power plants, as if to underscore their stupidity.)

You can only cover up so much ignorance with self-righteousness…


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