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Leaked Emails, Leaked Viruses: The Sad Trail of Fauci, Collins and COVID-19

It’s not easy, but we’re getting closer to the truth:

Now a string of unearthed emails—the most recent being a batch viewed by the House Oversight and Reform Committee and referred to in its January 11, 2022 letter—is making it seem increasingly likely that there was, in fact, a conspiracy, its aim being to suppress the notion that the virus had emerged from research funded by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), headed by Anthony Fauci. The latest emails don’t prove such a conspiracy, but they make it more plausible, for two reasons: because the expert virologists therein present such a strong case for thinking that the virus had lab-made features and because of the wholly political reaction to this bombshell on the part of Francis Collins, then-director of the National Institutes of Health.

There’s a lot to unpack here:

  • I’ve commented before about the moral hazard that Francis Collins has assumed in getting to the place in life he has. That moral hazard in this case isn’t driven by his theology (such as it is) but by politics and the corrupt, money-driven system that we have. That system has been on display throughout the entire COVID mess. It’s worth noting that the original “Benedict Option” came out not because the late Roman Empire was anti-Christian but because it was corrupt and brutal, as I discussed in my piece The Tough Lesson of Augustine’s “Dear Marcellinus”.
  • Our moneyed, left-wing elites are obsessed by suppressing conspiracy theories. But if there’s one thing I’ve found out, it’s that, if you don’t want a problem solved, turn it over to conspiracy theorists. Their MO is to “expose” a conspiracy, beat it to death in social media of how bad it is, and then have no plan of action to fix the problem. Conspiracy theorists work under the unsaid assumption (if they said it, everyone else would walk away) that, if you identify the conspiracy, you’ve solved the problem. That’s true whether there’s a real conspiracy out there or not.
  • It’s interesting that the two major countries where distrust of government is most reflected in the COVID vaccination rate are the U.S. and Russia. Evidently the “Fifty-Year Wound” of the Cold War runs in both directions! The difference is that, while Russia is used to distrust in government as a way of life, we haven’t gotten to that point. Yet.
  • Is there any good reason why we’re funding research in China? They’re not a poor country any more, they can fund their own research. The Soviets did just fine without our money, as my incessant posts on Chet Aero Marine will attest. If they’re worried about the Chinese “going places” in the research without our knowledge, rest assured they can figure out a way of doing things out of sight.

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