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Denmark Embraces Secular Blasphemy

That’s what it looks like:

‘I think we will have that in the next two months, and then I hope the infection will start to subside and we get our normal lives back,’ she said on Monday.

Before the start of the last semester I wrote a piece entitled  Teaching Secular Blasphemy, where I pointed out that no process in this material world was without risk.  That assumption is implicit in this Dane’s view of the situation.  The Omicron virus is milder but more transmissible than its predecessors and her idea is that its spread will increase the herd immunity of the population, thus changing pandemic to endemic.  It’s a strategy not without risk but IMHO it’s a risk worth taking.

That’s completely opposite of what our secular elites are telling us here.  Based on the American “perfect life” concept, they are telling us that it will never end until everyone is both multiply vaccinated and does all of the rules (acquired immunity having little meaning,) but that it can be completely conquered.  Neither of these is true because our provisions are not perfect, thus the complete eradication is a mirage.

The impossiblity of complete eradication is beginning to percolate in our discourse, but that doesn’t stop people and institutions from imposing draconian measures in the hope that it is true.  It’s reminiscent in a way of the Soviet concept that they had conquered nature and thus could do what they wanted to do, which resulted in many environmental disasters (the Aral Sea is the most spectacular of these.)  And the Soviets were better focused on society being productive than many in places of power here.

I’m not optimistic that reality will become the norm again in our policy, but we can always hope…


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