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The Fact that Kristin du Mez Won’t Explain Anything Explains Everything

And she takes her time about doing it too, I’ll reproduce just a snippet:

Do I personally affirm “the church’s teaching that homosexuality is sinful?” Which church? My own church (local & denomination) is actively reexamining this issue in light of tradition, interpretation, history, & science. I’m participating, but as a historian, not a theologian.

This reminds me of a line from the British television show The Prisoner, where #2 can’t get a straight answer about whether there was a plot to kill him. He finally realises the truth and says, “The fact that you won’t explain anything explains everything.”

To start, her church, like every other Evangelical church (and most non-Evangelical ones too) isn’t in a position to come to an authoritative position on anything. I explain this problem in my post Authority and Evangelical Churches. If she had the wit to take this position, a lot of the authoritarianism, patriarchy, etc. she dislikes would be sent to the bottom. But getting rid of authority isn’t the game here; it’s transferring it from one place to another.

Second, the position of Scripture on the issue at hand isn’t difficult to state, adhere to or break away from. The fact that she isn’t doing any of the above is either duplicitous or indecisive, and my quote from The Prisoner should tell you what I think is most likely.

Third, ambiguous responses like this were the main reasons why I left the Episcopal Church. It wasn’t that their answers were right or wrong, but that they didn’t really say anything or mean anything. You can’t build a life with real meaning from that kind of ambiguity. The whole recent history of the Anglican/Episcopal world, complete with “Anglican fudge,” is a testament to the results of trying to make that work.

As the French would say, plus de change, plus la même chose…


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