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Word of God/Servants of the Word: Rise Up O Men of God

Word of God W/G 8019 (1980)

One of the interesting aspects of life in Catholic Charismatic covenant communities was the residential sub-communities. The communities were not in general residentially communal; this mode of life was generally for single people. The sub-community of the Word of God here, the Servants of the Word, is described on the album cover as “an ecumenical brotherhood of over forty Christian men living single for the Lord.”

This is an all men’s group. The Word of God’s usually subdued instrumentation is especially subdued; about the only instrument that appears on the album is an acoustic guitar, making the album virtually a capella. That being said, it comes off better than one might think. It’s a charming album and is, in some ways, a throwback to albums such as Leo Nestor’s Sons of the Morning (if the material isn’t quite as adventurous.) With a capella music more in style now than then, it’s aged well.

The music is a mix of traditional Protestant hymns and the Word of God’s own favourites and compositions, some of which are newer than most of the other albums posted on this channel. It’s a nice addition to the Word of God’s representation on this channel, which has become one of its highlights.

The songs (the lyrics and cover appear during the album):

  • Rise Up, O Men of God
  • The Lord Reigns
  • Blessed Be the Lord My Rock
  • Blessing and Glory
  • Go Forth in Great Confidence
  • Psalm 130: Out of the Depths
  • Psalm 96: O Sing a New Song
  • For All the Saints
  • Worth is the Lord/Glory to God
  • Let the Righteous Be Glad
  • One Thing I Ask For
  • Psalm 4: When I Call
  • Song of Simeon

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