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Those Unpatriotic Leftists

We’re “back to the future” on this one:

On July 4 this year, liberal media declared independence from America’s most treasured cultural symbols.

While media undermining of Independence Day itself is not new — Vox famously declared that “the American Revolution was a mistake” in 2019 — the hand-wringing reached a new pitch this year. 

Ever since the Vietnam War, when many of our veterans came home to be spat upon as “baby killers” (including a relative,) the conventional wisdom was simple: conservatives were patriotic and leftists weren’t. It seems, however that, like the Christian liberals who went from modernist rejection of Biblical truth to post-modern inversion of same, political ones did the same with patriotism:

Conservatives have pointed out that the Left despises America for a long time. Until recently, however, the Left has pleaded otherwise: liberals, they have argued, are the true patriots and the real patrons of America’s traditions. 

Discovery of “patriotic liberals” or leftists was one of the rude awakenings of online interaction and social media.

It looks like we’re back to the 1960’s with this one. How these people, who run the show on the one hand but hate the country on the other, plan to square the circle on this issue is a mystery. But another mystery looms: how can conservatives (and especially Christian conservatives) continue to offer uncritical support to a country whose levers of power are pulled by people who hate them?

I guess this is one more of those things that aims to end badly.


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