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Anglican Tidbit: A Bulletin from 1938

From time to time I’ll present what I call “Anglican Tidbits,” which are little things from the.  Since North American Anglicanism has had an influx of people with little or no heritage in the Anglican world, I think it would be useful.

The first one is a bulletin from Trinity Episcopal Church in New Orleans, dated 30 October 1938.  It is shown below.

Some interesting things about this are as follows:

  • The Prayer Book is, of course, the 1928, put into use a decade earlier.  The pagination reflects the 1936 reformatting of the Psalms, which is what we normally see in copies of the book.
  • The Lectionary is the original one, not the 1945 version which most copies of the 1928 book contain.  I discuss the difference between the two here.
  • The hymnal was not the 1940, but the 1916, which can be found here.
  • It’s worth noting that there is no Holy Communion service; it’s Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer.
  • Evidently Trinity was high enough in the pecking order to have a Canon of the Ordinary to come deliver the sermon at the church.

This bulletin was preserved because my grandmother, Myrtle Warrington, was memorialising her mother, who had passed away recently.  I think at least some of her brothers had been involved in the building of the church.  The Rector, Robert Coupland, had married her and my grandfather in 1916.



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