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The Ten Weeks, 15 January, A Little Influence Goes a Long Way

The next day Claudia came in excited. “She’s going to Dillman-Arnold the first of February!” she exclaimed. “I can’t believe it! Thank you so much.”
“Just don’t forget my coffee again,” Pierre reminded her.
“Yes, Monsieur,” she replied. She left and returned with the usual service. Pierre gulped down his first cup and went out in the warehouse.
“So how did you get the system to change Carol’s school?” Pierre asked his warehouse manager.
“It was easy,” Luke replied. “My wife’s sister is assistant headmistress at D-A. She issued a letter admitting Carol provisionally, the same thing they do for people from the East Island, where the schools aren’t so hot. That means that, if it doesn’t work out, there’s no blame. In the meanwhile the Blind and Deaf school’s going to prepare her. She’s a smart kid, she’ll do okay.”
“I am glad this system still respects family connections,” Pierre said. “Thank you very much.” Pierre returned to his office to find the Verecundan newspaper on his desk, folded to a very small story buried in the back of the paper about Carol Yedd having an “unexplained” acquisition of sight, and that the school had “no comment” on her future.
“I wonder what Kendall will do with this,” he muttered to himself. But he found it easier to deal with the incoming telexes rather than to contemplate this knotty problem.


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