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Bad Things at Camp: #MeToo Comes for David Haas

The composer and musician for much of the “sort-of Old Folk Mass” finds himself in hot water:

Three women on Wednesday accused Catholic composer David Haas of sexual misconduct, the country’s leading Catholic newspaper reported.

In an article in The National Catholic Reporter, the women detailed nonconsensual sexual acts by Mr. Hass when they were under his tutelage in music ministry programs or camps.

Two described unwanted sexual advances at a camp in Minnesota, and the third said Mr. Haas forced himself on her in an attempted kiss at a camp in California.

I’m sure the Trads are toasting each other at whatever watering hole at which they congregate.  (They should consider Mass there, in some places it’s easier to gather in a bar or casino than in church.)  Although I’m a fan of the “Old Folk Mass” David Haas is something of a “Johnny Come Lately” to the genre (the Archivist informs us that his first album was in 1979.)  So I don’t think I have any of his stuff in my collection.

Like I said, however, the Trads and #straightouttairondale types will be happy at this development.

But this brings up another thought: maybe with stuff like this and the Anglicans’ Iwerne fiasco, it’s time to reconsider this “camp” business in the hypersexualised age we live in.


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