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For Some, COVID-19 is an Opportunity

I saw this in a recent newsletters from missionaries in the Middle East.  Although they’re not Americans, they were in the U.S. for medical treatment unrelated to COVID-19.  They dodged the chaos of cancelled flights and quarantines to get back to the field and report this:

We thank God that he protected us and gave us a fine return. Right now, it is a time to minister through the media. As everywhere else people are panicking here with the great difference that in [country they’re in] most people do not have the opportunity to ask for prayer from any church or person. In the midst of this crisis there are several people who have made a decision for Jesus Christ over the phone, something that we had not previously seen.

We are praying for a great harvest and asking God to use us with healing miracles to help this people in need. At the moment within our community and co-workers there is no one affected by the plague. We pray for you and declare in your lives Psalm 91 believing that no plague will touch your homes and families.


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