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From the Home Church, a Virtual Coffee Hour

I’ve discussed my home church, Bethesda-by-the-Sea Episcopal Church, often, and plan to do so in the future.  Bethesda is in the middle of our current crisis.  Their Rector, James Harlan, was at the same conference where the rector that brought COVID-19 to Chattanooga attended.  And they, like so many churches, has taken their church online with streaming services (which they had before, only then with a congregation.)

The Coffee Hour is a well-established tradition in the Anglican-Episcopal world.  It’s one that indirectly got me in trouble with Kendall Harmon’s blog.  But Bethesda has shown some online initiative: they have a virtual coffee hour on Zoom, which they duly start like they would if it were live, i.e., after the (streaming) service.  They also running both their children’s Sunday School and Wednesday night gathering the same way.  This allows these to be interactive.

I’ve few nice things to say about the Episcopal Church in general, but this shows some practical initiative in a difficult time.  And there’s one additional benefit: it’s a lot easier to control the quality and type of the coffee.


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