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“Let’s Kill All the Lawyers” Episcopal Style: A Continuing COVID-19 Saga

It doesn’t get any better for Chattanooga since the Rector of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, the Rev. Brad Whitaker, went about town with the COVID-19 he had contracted while at an Episcopal conference.  Among his many stops (which are documented in this article) is this one:

On Feb. 28, Whitaker led a memorial service for the Chattanooga Bar Association, the group of more than 800 local attorneys. The CBA sent an email to all members Friday evening alerting them they may have been exposed to the virus at the service and to contact the Chattanooga – Hamilton County Health Department.

If you live in this area you especially need to read the entire article and, if you have come into contact with Rev. Whitaker, to call the health department.  In the meanwhile the church itself is taking the following action:

The downtown Chattanooga church is sanitizing the building to slow the potential spread of the virus. In a Friday morning email to church members announcing the suspension of worship services and other gatherings, Whitaker said no other church staff who attended the conference with him are showing symptoms.

if-this-be-heresyIf only the Episcopal Church at large could be sanitized of the many plagues it has unleashed on its members and the rest of Christianity…


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