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Allan Haley Expounds on Episcopal Legal Conflict

In this latest edition of Anglicans Unscripted:

Haley is probably the most erudite person to either cover or participate in the long legal war that the Episcopal Church waged with those who had had enough of its departure from the faith.  Since the ACNA’s formation, it’s tempting to forget about all the litigation, but there are places where it is still going on.

Haley has his own blog, Anglican Curmudgeon, and his latest post is on the complicated mess in South Carolina.  I must confess that his presentation on the video above is easier to follow than the blog post. In the video he even goes back to the Pawley’s Island case, and although the parish won in its bid to secede the diocesan bishop at the time–and the numerous “company men” and women–who went against the parish didn’t put alleged “reasserters” (to use Kendall Harmon’s phrase) in a very favourable light.

But his blog has another feature: a nice list of Anglican and semi-Anglican blogs, along with some political and legal ones too.  This one has been featured there for a long time.  I’d like to thank Allan for his years of support, and it means more now than it has in a good while.  Social media seemed to have rolled the blogosphere, but with recent problems on that front I’ve noticed something of an uptick in traffic on things Anglican.  One thing I’d ask is that Stand Firm be put back on the roll of honour.

One way or another, we’ll be here.


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