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The ANCA’s Liturgical Calendar for 2019-20

The ANCA’s 2019 Book of Common Prayer is just starting its first full liturgical year, and the ACNA has thoughtfully put out this guide to same for this year.  You can download the Sunday, Holy Day, and Commemoration Lectionary, Year A ~ 2019–2020: The Anglican Church in North America, The Book of Common Prayer (2019) here.


A few comments are in order:

  • The ANCA opted for a three-year lectionary, denoted “A,” “B” and “C” in the same manner as the Roman Catholics do.  It’s also worth nothing that the ACNA’s “Year A” and the RCC’s “Year A” are the same, even though the readings are different.
  • I always loved Anglican/Episcopal calendars with the vestment colours in them, but I wish that the ACNA would lose the use of blue during Advent in place of purple.  Blue is the colour of the Lodge; purple did fine for Advent until recently.
  • They have included readings from “The Apocrypha,” which should raise some eyebrows here and there.
  • I’ll save my cranky thoughts on the period between Epiphany and Ash Wednesday for a later post.  I think that RCC, TEC and ACNA have botched this.

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