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Standfirm Rides Again

It’s actually been “out there” for almost two months, but I just found out and it’s worth repeating: Stand Firm in Faith, the once and future premier conservative Anglican blog, is back with Matt Kennedy, his snow-shoveling wife Anne Carlson Kennedy, and Tim Fountain standing firm in faith against People Who Shovel Something Else.

Honestly I’m glad to see this: Stand Firm’s disappearance created a void in my online routine that hasn’t quite been filled by anything else.  And it obviously brings up another question: is the blogosphere, which in many ways got us where we are, still relevant?  For conservative Anglicans, the answer is “yes” for two reasons.  The first is that is allows the long (sometimes too long) treatment of topics that the Anglican/Episcopal world likes but social media (especially Twitter) doesn’t allow.  The second is that social media is a fickle business: Matt Kennedy was booted from Twitter for a season because he spoke the truth to the transitionally transgendered Jessica Yaniv, and none of us know when the social media equivalent of the “fickle finger of fate” will point at us.

Welcome back, it’s not been the same without you.


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