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That Man in Rome…That Man in the White House

2019-11-17 16.00.31Just saw the tweet at the right.  I think it’s hilarious that people have started to refer to the Occupant of the See of St. Peter as “that man in Rome.”  American history buffs will remember that some Republicans, unable to utter his name, used to refer to Franklin D. Roosevelt as “that man in the White House,” and I’m sure that my grandfather muttered ripe language when he had to visit him to help promote his 1933 Langley Day air meet.  Even the thought of FDR made Republicans’ blood pressure rise and veins bulge in the temples.

I used to refer to Barack Obama as the Occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and I’ve thoughtfully transferred that to the Occupant near the Tiber (too near as it turns out!)

It’s also worth noting that some of the strongest people in Catholic Twitter are women.  Such turns many peoples’ feminist construct upside down, but it was that way in the Anglican Revolt and the tradition continues with conservative Catholicism.  Besides, it’s worth noting that the founder of #straightouttairondale Catholicism was no other than Mother Angelica, without a doubt the most influential American Catholic since Vatican II.


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