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If You Can’t Find a Crime, Make One Happen

That, according the Alan Dershowitz, is what Robert Muller has been doing:

The recent guilty plea of Michael Cohen of lying represents the dominant trend in Mueller’s approach to prosecution. The vast majority of indictments and guilty pleas obtained against Americans by Mueller have not been for substantive crimes relating to his mandate: namely, to uncover crimes involving illegal contacts with Russia. They have involved indictments and guilty pleas either for lying, or for financial crimes by individuals unrelated to the Russia probe. If this remains true after the filing of the Mueller report, it would represent a significant failure on Mueller’s part.

This is nothing new; we saw this with Scooter Libby (and I’m no Dick Cheney fan.)  But this is what happens when we try to use the criminal justice system to solve political problems (and whether they’re a problem depends of which side you’re on.)  We’re coming to the time when we won’t have a functioning political system because we’ve achieved Lenin’s goal: one political party in power and the other in jail.  Once that happens, we can transition to a Stalin who will make those who cheered this on regret it.


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