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They Didn’t Like Patriotism, and They Don’t Like Nationalism. That Leaves…

The problem with left-watching is that, if you do it long enough, it will have you scratching your head more than making you angry.

Fifty years ago, leftists hated patriotic people.  They burned the flag; the courts affirmed their right to do so.  They spat on returning veterans from Vietnam.  They pushed the sexual revolution upon us.

Today, they hate nationalists, although with an eye on the Europeans (who invented nationalism) I’m not sure most Americans understand the concept.  They won’t join the military, although they have no problem sending it to fight wars for their “moral” causes.  And they’re still pushing the sexual revolution upon us, although these days that’s turned into a national identity conundrum.

In the old days they thought this country was imperialistic and immoral.  These days they talk out of both sides of their mouth: on the one hand, they insist on you being “patriotic” to their idea of what this country ought to be (and conversely consider what isn’t to be treasonous) and yet routinely still consider it racist, bigoted, homophobic, etc.

The only thing left to do is to vote against these people at every opportunity, although they respond with bile over that.  But beyond that their duplicity tells us that they cannot be satisfied and that there is no point in being loyal to them.  So where does that leave us if they reassume control?  Reminds me of Count Czernin’s evaluation of the Bolsheviks…

That’s something we need to think about, not only as our election day nears, but moving forward.


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