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Elevations On The Temptation And Fall Of Man: 9, The Order of God’s Justice.

This is one in a series from Jaques-Benigne Bossuet’s Elevations on the Mysteries, and specifically the Fifth Day.  There is more here on the Bossuet Project.

Here we must compare the order of the crime with the order of divine justice. The crime begun by the serpent is continued in Eve, and is finished in Adam; but the order of divine justice is to attack the head first. This is why he first attacks the man, in whom was, in the fullness of strength and grace, the fullness of disobedience and ingratitude. It was to him that the totality of original grace was attached; it was to him that the great gifts had been communicated; and to him that the great precept had been given and signified: it is through him that God begins; the examination then passes to the woman, it ends in the snake, and nothing escapes its censure.


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