Evidently Twitter Doesn't Like My Post on Trump and Palm Beach Clubs

One of the most popular posts I have on this site is Trump Opens the Club to Blacks and Jews? Not Quite, which is about two years old.  It’s gotten a good deal of traffic and the gamut of reactions.  I’m glad to inject a little Palm Beach perspective to this question, because both what Trump did and Palm Beach’s social system run against a lot of conventional wisdom out there.

One @RobertBarber64 liked my piece enough to attempt to tweet it.  On my Twitter laptop notifications, it looked like this:

But when I looked on my iPhone Twitter app, this is what greeted me:

My, my, I think it’s Twitter that’s sensitive, at least in a schizophrenic sense.  Maybe their mobile app people think one way and their desktop people another…

I’ve had commenters go postal on me when I challenge conventional wisdom, but this is the first time a social media organisation has done so, AFAIK.

I’m certainly bothered by the apparent censorship going on here.  But that’s what happens when you hand over the internet to a few organisations; they run things to suit themselves.  We can invoke law all we went, but tech has thrived by basically outrunning the law.  I’ve always assumed that sooner or later the powers that be would start shutting down their opposition (or at least try to) and they’re busy doing that these days.  That’s especially true of Google, whose offensive against their former employee is probably lawyer-driven by attorneys attempting to fend off the feds.

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