Next Thing, They'll Start Declaring Students as "Unmutual"

Syracuse University leads the way:

Syracuse University wants student to combat hate and report bias incidents to the administration when they encounter them on campus. Given how broadly the university defines bias, it’s surprising that students have time for anything else.

According to Syracuse, bias involves “telling jokes,” “excluding or avoiding others,” using the phrase “no homo” (does anyone even say that anymore?), making comments on social media, and a dozen other things.

Avoiding others?  Forced socialisation?  Reminds me of the classic series The Prisoner, where in “A Change of Mind” #6 is declared “unmutual” for his independent ways:

The series was, sad to say, prophetic.  Be seeing you!

4 Replies to “Next Thing, They'll Start Declaring Students as "Unmutual"”

  1. Uh, Don, you claim Syracuse’s definition of bias ‘involves “telling jokes.”‘

    Here’s the original:

    “Some examples of bias incidents include:
    Telling jokes based on a stereotype”

    I would have thought that you would agree with me that the use of the steroetype was the nub of the issue. How does leaving out the important part help in dealling with a touchy and difficult issue?



    1. ICYMI, my main point was that their new rules were a form of forced socialisation and an attack on the students’ freedom of association.

      I didn’t think you were much interested in the “touchy and difficult issue” of bullying after your disparaging comments the last time I brought up making it in a tough social system.


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