The Student Evaluation Problem Comes Back to Haunt Hillary Clinton

Back in January, I made the following observation on a study which showed that American female students tend to give male professors better ratings:

Too much extrapolation is always a danger, but if American female college students can’t bring themselves to bump up their faculty counterparts, how are they going to bring themselves to vote en bloc for an American woman for President?  Laura Schlesinger made an offhand comment one time that it wasn’t the men who wouldn’t vote for a woman for president, it was the women.  She may be on to something.

Well, that happened:

When it came to women voters, Clinton won 54% compared to Trump’s 42%. Even though 70% of voters said that Trump’s treatment of women bothered them, they still didn’t flock to the woman who could have broken the glass ceiling. Obama won 55% of the women’s vote in 2012.

The gender gap has long been a feature of the political landscape, but one would think that Clinton could have done better than Barack Obama.  She didn’t; had she done so, it probably would have made the difference.

I’ve complained about the lacklustre quality of evangelical leadership.  I think American women and their “leadership” need to do some serious thinking about how they plan to break the glass ceiling at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.  That should be in focus when President Trump meets with Prime Minister Theresa May, who was the beneficiary of another élite “brown pants event,” Brexit.  (They have a better system, but that’s another post.)

One more thing: I had no idea it would generate the interest it did, but my post on Donald Trump and Mar-a-Lago has dominated the statistics of this site during the year.  Thanks to all of you who stopped by and read it.  I still believe that the man who shook up Palm Beach’s social system will do the same with the country, but I also believe that, just as Palm Beach goes on, so will these United States.

Until the debt becomes unpayable…

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