Getting Closer on the St. Andrew's Sex Scandal?

It’s not the closest thing, but…

Bishop Audrey Scanlan of the Episcopal Diocese of Central Pennsylvania yesterday removed the Rev. Howard White from the priesthood.

White, 75, was among several adults who sexually abused students at St. George’s School in Middleton, Rhode Island in the 1970s and 80s, according to a report released recently by independent investigators on behalf of the school.

In the wake of media reports about sexual abuse at St. George’s, several people from other Episcopal dioceses in which White had worked said that he sexually abused them when they were young.

It’s interesting to note that, according to this, “(Headmaster) Zane terminated White in 1974 after he said White admitted ‘sexually abusing a sophomore boy and attempting to sexually abuse at least two and likely three others.'”  The wheels of justice turn very slowly in this “enlightened” Episcopal Church, since someone was put on notice 42 years ago.  It puts Episcopal Bishop Porter Taylor’s statement that White “…had been identified by former students of St. George’s School in Rhode Island as having engaged in sexual misconduct in the early 1970s while he served on the staff at that school” in a different light.  He should have used the plaintiff attorney’s favourite phrase “by his own admission,” but he didn’t.

So what does this have to do with the scandals at the other end of the East Coast?  As I noted in my last piece on the subject, the link is the Rev. George Andrews II, who went from St. George’s to St. Andrew’s as Headmaster in the late 1980’s.  Will he and other Episcopal reverends be implicated?  We will see.

And as far as that “other” sex scandal we have in the Presidential election, I’ll stand by my previous position that, not so far in the future, such things won’t be scandalous any more, not in our society.  As was the case with the Roman Catholic Church, the left will milk the scandal cow as long as it lives before they butcher it, and Evangelical leadership is just plain clueless.

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