Hillary's Health Problems? Should Have Done Some Due Diligence First

Now it’s not just the “nutcases:”

A health condition initially described by Clinton’s campaign as a brief episode of overheating during the outdoor event – a situation downplayed by a stronger-looking candidate in the afternoon – was identified later as pneumonia when the campaign released a four-sentence statement from Clinton’s physician. The campaign did not disclose detailed medical records or test results, nor did it make the doctor available for questioning.

As has been the case since Bill was in the Oval Office, Hillary’s operatives have tried to paint adverse questions about her as a “conspiracy theory,” and the health questions have been no exception.  Now her own fall during the 9/11 remembrance has done what her critics on the right could not: give cred to all of this.

Questions about her health have been floating around since she was Secretary of State.  Those in the “inside” doubtless know the truth.  So the question is, with the Democrats’ legacy on the line and the job nearly finished, why did they push so hard to get her through the nomination, even with her weak support from millennials and the progressive wing of the party?

I think there are two answers to this.

The first is the power of the Clinton machine, the strongest “redneck mafia” I have seen in my lifetime.  (And I’ve seen a bunch of them.)  They had their hatchet girl, the Ugliest Woman in South Florida, manipulate the process to get her through.

The second is their weak bench, which comes from their best people seeking upward movement in the bureaucracy and the NGO’s and not the electoral process.  If the Republicans had come back with another RINO, this would have made sense.  But they came back with someone who is neither a RINO nor a movement conservative, and now things are different.

In spite of these two factors, had the Democrat establishment pulled together and faced her health issue honestly, they wouldn’t be in the pickle they’re in today.  Personally, I don’t think Hillary Clinton is Barack Obama’s first choice.  But when you have people who, through alternative strong-arm tactics and manipulation, dominate a political party’s life, stuff that doesn’t do the party much good gets done anyway.

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