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What's Really Important When You Hit the Field

As we start another football season, it’s good to pause and look back at those who have hit the field, lead others to do so, or both.  Nearly two score and two conferences back, Texas A&M‘s coach was Tom Wilson, who led the Aggies to victory in the 1981 Independence Bowl.

This week Coach Wilson was laid to rest.  I’ll leave it to David Moon Walker, quarterback when Wilson was Emory Bellard’s Offensive Coordinator, to note the following on Facebook:

It was a beautiful service for Coach Tom Wilson yesterday in Corsicana. He gave everyone in attendance his final coaching point in the form of this card he designed. Tom was very much a man of Faith and Family, and he loved his football, golf and fishing.


We all remember from college how much he loved his fishing. What we didn’t know is he didn’t have a clue how to use an outboard motor when he first got to A&M, and he once threw an anchor into the water that he hadn’t yet tied to the boat.

And we’ll recall that every time the A&M coaching staff went out to play golf, Tom always won. But he got the only hole-in-one of his life just a few weeks before he died, only because his grandson insisted they play that day. He wanted to play one more round with his Papa.

But with all that said, what Coach wanted most was for all of us, his Red Raider teammates, fellow coaches, his high school and college players, family and friends, he wanted all of us to understand and appreciate how important the word of Jesus is in our lives.

This is the card he created weeks before with The Sinner’s Prayer. It was stapled to the Memory handout. Yesterday we celebrated Tom’s life, and he was still teaching. RIP.


It’s the most important lesson to learn.  If you want to learn more about this, click here.


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