Ending the High School "Hall of Shame"

And radically, too:

National Honor Society (NHS) stoles are frequent sight at high school graduation ceremonies around the country, but one Plano Senior High School student is frustrated that he won’t be allowed to wear one when he puts on his cap and gown next month.

According to school practices, students are not allowed to wear NHS regalia.

When my niece and nephew graduated from high school in Houston during the last decade, they had what I called the “Hall of Shame”: the students whose academic record was so far underwater that their actual diploma was delayed.  They received their whatever in their own line after everyone else.  In an age where “everybody gets a trophy” I was shocked.

Evidently their high school administration counterparts in Plano must have read my mind, and they went all out: any honours regalia is prohibited.  (When I graduated from prep school, we didn’t even use academic regalia, which solves even more problems…)

Personally I wouldn’t get upset at this.  It’s the logical conclusion: if everyone gets a trophy, eventually no one will get a trophy because trophies will have lost their meaning.  Sooner or later we’ll wake up to the fact that merit is a vanishing virtue in this country.  Besides, as one friend of mine told me, you’re in bad shape if you peaked in high school.

Academic achievement isn’t the end-all in life.  And that comes from an academic.

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