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A Fistful of Yuan, Thirty-Five Years Out

It’s time to mark another anniversary here, in this case the thirty-fifth one of my family business’ signing our first contract with the Petroleum Corporation of the People’s Republic of China for the sale of pile driving equipment.  That may not seem like much today but then we were selling into an economy that was beginning its long march to the powerhouse it is today.

For a small company like ours to come to that point–and it was repeated two years later–it was an achievement that, really, we had to pinch ourselves to make sure it was real.  More than that, going to China was a transformative enrichment and education that altered the way I looked at the world.  In many ways, coming to a country that was a time warp after thirty years of socialism (as Cuba is today) it was a look at the shape of things to come.

I trust that you’ll stop by the series developed on that adventure.


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