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Sandi Yonikus: Building the Earth

Liturgical Press  11468 (1968)

This “pre-NOM” album (which means we’ve had one and a half liturgical upheavals since then) is, despite its pretentious title, a mixture of a children’s’ album and early Catholic folk.  Or maybe the pretentious title is reasonable: children are the future, something that the dropping birth rate of the time tended to lose sight of.  In any case, it’s a reasonable effort in both respects.  It’s also a composite effort: in addition to the children from the parish school, it includes seminarians from St. Mary’s Seminary in Houston and some help from the Catholic Student Centre at the University of Texas.  (That’s hard to take for an Aggie, but…we knew how to deal with Catholic students from Austin.)

In addition to this effort, Sandi Yonikus (1936-1988) was also a writer of children’s books.

The songs:

  1. Building The Earth
  2. Our God Is Good
  3. Spirit Of God
  4. Gio (The Little Yellow Bird)
  5. We Come As Your People
  6. I’ll Find Me A Mountain
  7. He’ll Come Again
  8. Knock On Any Door
  9. Sing Alleluia
  10. Teach Me
  11. Christ Takes His Throne
  12. Sing With Joy
  13. Gather ‘Round The Table

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5 Replies to “Sandi Yonikus: Building the Earth”

  1. A happy Easter to you, Mr Warrington, and to yours; and my sincere thanks for your website! It’s a go-to for me when some of the liturgical music we sing in the Caribbean (Trinidad, Roman Catholic) is left to memory or worse, access-wise. I worry when the sites I’ve stumbled upon are no longer there one day, so please receive this encouragement to keep up the good work, so long as the good Lord positively wills it. Glory to him for ever, amen, alleluia!


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. As a part of the New Testament Church of God, Trinidad is an important place, and glad to hear from you. In some ways the music has been one of the best fruits of this website. May God richly bless you.

      Liked by 1 person

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