Tribalism All The Way

I saw a Facebook post which characterised the Jr. Jerry Falwell’s recent comments about concealed carry and Islam as follows:

This is probably what most people expect of Fundamentalists– hyper conservative, right wing bigots who see anyone who disagrees with them as godless enemies. This is religious tribalism at its most basic element. We are right. You are wrong. Our God is God. Yours is not. Be assimilated or, if you provoke us, we will kill you.

As is the case with bad foreign policy, must be something in the water, as this post observes about the departure of Yale professor Erika Christakis:

Secular progressivism is not a developed intellectual position that seeks out followers by honestly setting forth its premises and challenging rational adults to contest or accept its conclusions. Instead it’s a tribal marker, like a tattoo or feather headdress, that marks off “insiders” from “outsiders,” appealing not to the cogitative centers of the brain but the deeper, older and murkier parts. These dark places in the mind have no room for “true,” “false,” or “arguable,” but deal only in “Us” and “Them.” For all that they are the fruits of advanced rational thinking and astonishing technical achievement, both academia and social media are exquisite mechanisms for training millions of people to regress from intelligent discourse to brutal, herd-like groupthink.

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