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To The Holy Trinity: Essential, Personal, Generating and Generated Wisdom

Again with Bossuet in Elevations on the Mysteries, 2,8:

God has possessed me, said Wisdom (Proverbs 8): that is to say, God has generated me in conformance to that word of Eve, when she gave birth to Cain and  said: I have possessed a man by the grace of God.  He has generated me, before doing anything elseI am ordered, and keep my rank through all eternity and from all antiquity, before the world was made: the abysses were not yet and I was already conceived.  God gave  birth to me in the hills: that is to say, before all time and all eternity, because there is nothing except eternity before all time.  But does God only have wisdom which he generated?  To God it does not please! because we we cannot produce in us our word, our interior word, if there was not in us a foundation of reason of which our word is the fruit: even more so, there is in God an essential wisdom, which was primitively and originally in the Father, which made him fruitful to produce in this womb this wisdom which is his Word and his Son, his word, his reason, his intelligence, his bubbling up to say so or the first pouring out of his heart and the only result who he made to truly name father before all time.  It is from this, Saint Paul says, from which all paternity in heaven and earth comes.  It is from there that to us is given, to us who believe in the unique Son, the power to be children of God in his image, in being born neither of blood, nor of the will of the flesh, but of God, who by his good and by the grace of his adoption has allowed us to associate with his unique son.


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