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Rachel Held Evans Becomes an Episcopalian

It’s official:

 I felt drawn to the Episcopal church because it offered some practices I felt were missing in my evangelical experience, like space for silence and reflection, a focus on Christ’s presence at the communion table as the climax and center of every worship service, opportunities for women in leadership, and the inclusion of LGBT people.

When, as an Evangelical, she bounced from one rant to another, I thought, “She should become a Roman Catholic if she hates Evangelicalism so much, that would put things in a new perspective”.  But that was asking too much, namely too high of a standard of belief.  Thus the move to the Episcopal Church.  That’s really the core of the problem: do you believe in the objective reality of Christianity or don’t you? It’s been that way since the days of John Shelby Spong and earlier but people like Held refuse to see it in those terms.

Personally I think this is a relief for everyone, although I find it ironic that she, who is obsessed with making church attractive to Millennials, would end up in a church in a demographic death spiral as TEC is.  But you just can’t make this stuff up.

She also notes that “…I know plenty of folks who were raised Episcopalian who have become evangelical, drawn by the exciting and energetic worship or the emphasis on personal testimony and connection to Scripture.” Just down the road from her is another alternative, namely an ACNA church, which is doing fine, thank you.


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