They'll Bust You for Anything in the U.S.

Including, in some places, DUI on a lawnmower:

 A Northern Colorado man was arrested on suspicion on DUI but it was what he was driving that makes this case unusual. He was driving a lawnmower.

Police said Kenneth Welton was driving drunk from bar to bar along a very busy 8th Avenue in Garden City on a riding lawnmower.

This reminds me of a story I heard about George Jones, the country singer.  When they revoked his license for DUI, he used his riding mower to get himself to and from the liquor store.  AFAIK, they didn’t bust him for it.

This happened, however, in Tennessee and Texas. I guess things are different in a “purple” state where you get cuffed for riding a lawnmower DUI but pot is legal.

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