Everybody at a University Needs to be Able to Thank God

But as East Carolina University, that’s not necessarily the case:

In an email obtained by Campus Reform, Assistant Professor Eli Hvastkovs, who teaches chemistry at East Carolina University (ECU), instructed his students to prepare a “family friendly” 35­ word personal statement that mentions future plans or “thanks someone.” The students, however, were explicitly forbidden from thanking God.

“I’ve had some submissions that needed to be edited. so [sic] here are some guidelines,” the email reads. “1. You can’t thank God. I’m sorry about this – and I don’t want to have to outline the reasons why.”

“Why” is the #1 question that universities should be able to answer.  The fact that he doesn’t want to is a disappointment.

Everyone should be able to thank God at the end of their university experience.  Students should be able to because they’re leaving professors they don’t care for in the rear view mirror (although their evaluation may change over the years).

And professors need to be able to reciprocate with certain students as well.

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