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Rising Hope: Farewell to the Shadowlands and Where the Songs Come From

This Cincinnati, OH, based group put out two very nice folk-rock albums.  There is a mixture of original compositions and covers, some of which (well, one of which) you wouldn’t expect on a non-Catholic album.  The group does well in different styles and these albums are very good as a result.

More information about the group can be found here.

Farewell to the Shadowlands (LP S 726) 1975

The songs:

  1. Farewell to the Shadowlands
  2. Secret of the Start
  3. Love to Pass the Ages
  4. Psalm 27
  5. Come Gather Children
  6. Song of Praise
  7. The Lord Will Be My Snowtires
  8. Psalm 121
  9. Help Oh Lord
  10. Lead Me On
  11. Further Up

Where the Songs Come From (8064N2) 1978

  1. Here’s My Family
  2. I Want To Be
  3. Try To Run
  4. Listen To The Singer
  5. Friends & Lovers
  6. I Am The Bread Of Life
  7. Run To California
  8. The Winner
  9. Morning Song
  10. A Wind In The Door

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