Maybe I'm in the Catholic Blogosphere Too

I spend a great deal of time on the Anglican/Episcopal world, to the extent that I’m listed in Anglican blogs such as StandFirm, Anglican Curmudgeon, and Locusts and Wild Honey (and for these listings I am grateful, their links are in the blogroll).

Evidently the Roman Catholics are starting to find a kindred spirit, as is shown by this email I got recently:

I am Joseph Atkins, webmaster and editor of the Catholic Dating Blog. Our blog focuses on providing dating tips and advice to single Catholics seeking life-long relationships. We just recently updated our list of the top 100 blogs by Catholic sisters and nuns. I thought you and your site’s audience might be interested in checking it out: .

If you do find this list to be a good resource, might you be able to link to it from your blog? Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

If you are Roman Catholic, have covered the really important things in Christianity, are looking for a life mate and–ahem–are not called to the celibate life which the blogging nuns represent, perhaps this is the site for you.

A few years back, when the “Prayer of Jabez” movement was all the rage, my wife and I went to a fundraising event with a ministerial couple.  The minister was rather large.  After the then stock pitch to “enlarge our borders” the minister noted that he wouldn’t because “my borders are large enough”.

Perhaps Positive Infinity is enlarging its borders, hopefully in a healthier way than many of our ministers do.

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