Our Insane "Civilisation": John Kerry and Justin Welby

There are two threads in the news these days that illustrate where our “Western civilisation” (which at this stage is neither) is going.  As is usually the case, “God, gays and guns” are at the centre of the problem, but not in the venues they’re normally associated with.

Let’s start with Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby: what he (now in cahoots with Archbishop of York Sentamu) is trying to do is to bully the large African provinces (specifically Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya and Rwanda) into submission re his idea of the place of same-sex relationships in the church.  Not to restrict his attack to ecclesiastical matters, he’s spreading his net to include their governments (I think he’s the lackey of his own; perhaps he thinks they have a lot of pull in theirs too).

The targeted Africans are pushing back.  At this point they have the upper hand.  They have numbers the English only dream about any more.  The Chinese are displacing the West in terms of economic activity, and the Chinese don’t care what they do.  That blunts any influence that Welby’s masters in Whitehall might have.  You’d think that, this being 2013, that “old Blighty” would have gotten past its colonial pretensions in matters like this, but old habits die hard.

Across the Atlantic John Kerry is trying to put the same kind of squeeze on the State of Israel to come to some kind of “settlement” with the Palestinians.  Like Welby, Kerry’s employer doesn’t have a very stellar track record of success in the field he’s entering.  So they’re now trying to restore “normalcy” with Iran while pushing the Israelis to go back to a pre-1967 state with the Palestinians on the other side of the 1947 cease-fire line.

The core problem with this is simple: the Palestinians’ leadership (such as it is) cannot bring themselves to get up in front of the world and say with conviction that the State of Israel has a right to exist.  That’s what torpedoed the best shot at a settlement (in 2000); Yassir Arafat knew he’d be dead if he acknowledged same.  His successors know the same thing.  But Kerry’s fixated (as are many in our establishment) on a peace deal here; they think that it’s the key to peace in the region.

But Kerry and his Overlord are fooling with what is the biggest conflict in the region: the one between Iran and Saudi Arabia/Gulf states.  Their idea of restoring normal relations with Iran has Those Across the Gulf in a nervous state; they even are discreetly turning to Those People in Jerusalem for potential help.  But let’s put things through the lens of the one thing that matters to our masters these days: sex.  While Welby pushes his (perhaps soon to be erstwhile) communion partners to accept same-sex relationships, why is it that Kerry is having cordial meetings with people who hang gays from hydraulic cranes?  Or how many more gay pride parades does he expect in Jerusalem after it goes back to the Palestinians?

Many today depict our culture as depraved and immoral.  Both are true, but perhaps another characterisation is more to the point: insane.

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