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Tales from @TheUbik: The Lord of the Flies is the Lord of the Touchscreen

Let me begin this post by stating the following: I hate touchscreen based interface systems on PC’s and laptops.  For tablets and smartphones (iPads and iPhones for you Mac Cult types) and simple interface (POS) applications, they’re great, use them all the time.  But systems like Windows 8 and Canonical’s Unity interface drive me batty.  You have a keyboard and mouse/touchpad, why do you need a touchscreen?

Now there’s another good reason to think twice about touchscreens on laptops or PC’s: they can be operated by other than humans.  My friend @TheUbik informed me that one radio station in Chattanooga noticed erratic operation of the computers and of the station programming itself.  After a three-month investigation, they realised the culprit: flies were flitting on the sensitive touchscreen and doing strange things.

To see the possible damage one small insect can do, take a look at this:

Just think of the disaster a cat could do…


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